A day in the life of an ORMIT Business Relations Manager

05.45am … definitely not being an early bird, it is hard getting out of bed! Even the dog does not move an inch, just looks at me like I’m crazy. I slowly make my way to the kitchen, putting my super high tech coffee machine to work, a miracle worker that machine.

After one cup I start to feel more awake and my brain actually jump starts. The dog has decided to wake the rest of the family by plunging his 40kgs onto the beds and starts barking till the teenage population in my house starts shouting; “Frodo … shut up! Enough we’re awake” … A ritual which repeats itself every morning 🙂  … a nice one!

Super important and always super-rushed with the pressure of the youngest teenager being out of the door at 7am I really make it a point of sitting down with my children- even if it’s 15 minutes and making sure they get a decent breakfast.

When everybody’s has left and the kitchen looks like it has been hit by a hurricane (will clean that mess up tonight) …. 5 minutes to myself, a 3rd cup of coffee, quick check of the mails and off I go to face the morning traffic jams while “singing” along with some funky disco tunes blasting from my ipod making my way to ORMIT or depending, straight to the customer.

Today is Thursday, December 5th, the day after the first FORMEET. At ORMIT we have introduced a formal meeting concept, FORMEET at ORMIT, during which we share updates on results, objectives, strategic decisions. At the same time it is a forum during which feedback is given on what works well and what is up for improvement.

No real surprises in the outcome, a good number of items are in the process of being tackled, a number are still in the pipeline, but it’s good to be reminded on a regular basis and to hear it firsthand! Looking forward to the next one!

Also today we’re hosting our 2nd second inspiration session – the theme of today is “Leadership Coaching Skills” aimed at the N+1 of the different customers and prospects we have in portfolio today. We’re expecting a delegation of our customers, quite a diverse group of people, so exciting to see how that will go. Bert and An are the trainers on duty… not too many last minute cancellations so that’s good! During the coffee break we hear already very positive comments!

At 04 pm Nele and I head off to Brussels Airport, for the Assignment Approach (AA) of Thomas Sterken, a first AA at a new customer! The assignment approach is basically a presentation of the assignment/project of the trainee towards his/her mentor and the talent development manager. This happens a few weeks after the assignment has started to make sure that there is a correct understanding, both in terms of objectives and deliverables as to the further development of the trainee. As this is a new customer, we do want to make sure we make a solid and professional impression, … so exciting!

While driving home later that night I get a phone call from someone at Bpost bank who attended the inspiration session, to tell me how much she and her colleagues enjoyed it. With an impressive view at night of the runways at Brussels Airport I feel energized. Today was a good day! An Inspiration Session that went great, an AA that went great, satisfied customers … I feel proud making up part of this great experience that is called ORMIT.

07pm, I arrive home …the kitchen somehow looks worse than it did this morning :-), I get a call from my daughter( in Leuven – could I please deposit € 20 so she can buy some food), my oldest son looks horrified ( quantum physics exam the next day and could I help him … me, quantum physics, I don’t think so honey) and my youngest son who is getting to the next level of Mindcraft or whatever it is, instead of preparing for his exam, confidently states he knows all his French grammar already, “ so no need to panic Mum ” …  I decide not to :-).

An hour or 2 later (also prepared a spaghetti) the kitchen is presentable again, that is till tomorrow morning. I settle in the couch with a good glass of wine- the dog snoring away in front of the fireplace-  with the “Wij” book, written by Remco Claassen … still learning a lot about myself! Goodnight!

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