Within the MIVB are seeds of opportunity

After a challenging time at the VIP, I had the opportunity to start my next assignment at the STIB-MIVB. Coincidentally all my assignments take place in organizations that are in some sort of crisis. The first 6 months of my ORMIT track I spent as a Pricing Analyst at bpost, a company accused and punished of misuse of its monopolistic position. As all operations of the Pricing department had to be halted until further notice, this verdict had a considerable impact on my day to day job. Next I gathered experience at BNP Paribas Fortis, which as a bank evidently was confronted with the global financial crisis but also with a domestic problem. More specifically, as Belgium’s largest retail bank, BNPPF shows the lowest customer satisfaction figures compared to its domestic competitor’s. As a result, most of the banks internal initiatives aimed directly or indirectly at the improvement of this competitive situation.Continue reading

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