Batman Begins: an ORMIT story


At ORMIT we are on a regular basis challenged by our Talent Development Manager and managers to reflect on our development, performances and the meaning which lies underneath them.

Different tools, techniques and approaches are used to hold these reflections; the design of a Personal Development Plan, a Strength’s Finder tool, coaching sessions etc. During one of which a most surprising question was asked “To what cartoon or superhero can you compare your ORMIT journey”.

batmanDifferent ideas flashed through my mind. Maybe Captain America, who is known for his leadership, charisma and dedication? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who are notorious for their harmony, and teamwork, with a slice of humour? The Fellowship of the Ring, as they too are undertaking an astonishing journey in their lives?

Then I realized that my story at ORMIT can be best compared, with a pinch of salt, with Batman. Let’s be clear, it’s not because I have bats as pets or wear a black cape and mask to go to work. Batman is ambitious to conquer the world, eliminates all the bad guys and makes it a better place. I on the other hand, am eager to have a positive impact at the customer, eliminate chaos and contribute to profit.


Despite the fact that our mission is ‘slightly’ different, we have one important thing in common, our mentor. Alfred Pennyworth is Batman’s butler and mentor, a highly intelligent and resourceful man, who trained Batman to the superhero he became. Alfred is more than just a trainer; he is a support and anchor when Batman is confronted with a setback or obstacle.

butler alfredThis indispensable role is impersonalised by the Talent Development Manager (TDM) of a trainee at ORMIT. Our TDM too, is always there for us whenever we need him/her. During an assignment cycle, they ensure both the ORMIT’er and client are and remain synchronized on the mission scope, objectives and personal learning objectives. During multiple coaching sessions and intervision sessions, they offer us guidance and support, to strengthen our personal development. The ORMIT’er is in the driver seat while the TDM is the driving force acting behind the scenes. The following quote in the ‘Batman Begins’ movie summarizes this reasoning better than I could express.

When the young Batman indignantly asks ‘Why do we fall’, his mentor wisely responded ‘So we can learn to pick ourselves back up’.


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