Digitisation – more than focusing on customers

Jeanine van der Lee

Strategic Account Manager at ORMIT

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Aren’t you happy to have the opportunity to carry out all kinds of business anytime, anywhere? Undoubtedly, you run your banking operations online, but what else do you do with your Smartphone or your tablet? What would you like to be able to do more of? Which services do you find satisfying and what do you think should be improved?Continue reading

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Agile leadership for agile organisations

Today organisations must quickly and smoothly adapt to changes. They need to be agile. Agile organisations are not afraid of the uncertainty of a dynamic environment but they embrace it. They do this by responding quickly, efficiently and effectively to changing customer needs, to new technologies and new ways of working.

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The power of happiness in the workplace

Catherine Brems

Communication and Marketing at ORMIT Belgium

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That work determines happiness is in itself no longer a surprise. Of course, there is more to happiness than just work, but work does play a large role. Work gives meaning, creates social contacts and encourages development. All factors that are closely linked to happiness.Continue reading

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Connecting Talent. Forget the golden chains!

Hetty Van Ee

Managing Director at ORMIT
Sinds 2001 ben ik Algemeen Directeur van ORMIT Groep. Wij maken organisaties en mensen succesvoller door hun unieke talenten te herkennen, te ontwikkelen en in te zetten. Zo zorgen we voor instroom, ontwikkeling en doorstroom van talent in organisaties. Dit noemen we talentisme. Met ORMIT willen we het beste en leukste bedrijf zijn. Practice what you preach in leiderschaps-, talentontwikkeling en levenskunst.

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Talentism entails three aspects; finding, developing and binding talent. “Binding talent?” one of our clients said when we were discussing Talentism, “I don’t want to bind anyone to my company. If someone wants to leave, he can go.”Continue reading

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