Children can teach themselves. Can we do it too?

Rob Gering

Talent Development Manager at ORMIT

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The hole in the wall

Sugata Mitra has a great video on TED talks about his wish to “build a school in the cloud“ (link). It’s about how we can design the future of learning. For this, he draws on his experience, which goes as follows:Continue reading

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Is it possible to change your personality? And is it possible to increase your IQ?

Arjenne Heins

Senior Consultant Talent Management and Leadership Development at ORMIT

These two questions are bound to spark heated debates in the scientific community. Perhaps you are familiar with the ‘nature’ versus ‘nurture’ debate on the subject of ‘personality’? Did you know that your answer to the above questions provides an indication of your success and motivation? And then we are not even talking about what the scientifically ‘correct’ answer to questions about personality and IQ is!Continue reading

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With engaged co-workers, change becomes an opportunity

These days, companies have to be able to anticipate changes as soon as possible. In the market, in the area of technology, politics and social area. This asks some effort from people working in an organisation.Continue reading

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The ‘New Learning’: hype or trend?

Bert Bleyen

Recruitment and Training Manager at ORMIT
I like all kinds of ‘trappisten-beer’, sports, spending time with family and friends, laughing and making other laugh!

I don't like pessimism and mushrooms

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The term ‘New Learning’ has recently been cropping up everywhere. Is this simply the latest hype or a permanent trend pointing to the future of learning and development? We, at ORMIT, are convinced that what we are looking at is the future of learning and development. Our experience with ‘New Learning’ has already proved to be positive!Continue reading

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Past, present and future at ORMIT (ORMIT Group)

Hetty Van Ee

Managing Director at ORMIT
Sinds 2001 ben ik Algemeen Directeur van ORMIT Groep. Wij maken organisaties en mensen succesvoller door hun unieke talenten te herkennen, te ontwikkelen en in te zetten. Zo zorgen we voor instroom, ontwikkeling en doorstroom van talent in organisaties. Dit noemen we talentisme. Met ORMIT willen we het beste en leukste bedrijf zijn. Practice what you preach in leiderschaps-, talentontwikkeling en levenskunst.

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Would you consider becoming responsible for the ORMIT Group? It was the best question I ever got (during my work I mean), even though I didn’t have a clue at that time what ORMIT exactly did.Continue reading

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Effectively in the right direction.

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What causes the yearly increase of the percentage of burnouts? How come so many people see working as an accepted way of suffering? On the other hand, how come ORMIT’ers can guarantee energetic leadership in the 21st century? Over more than 12 years I’ve been a fan of ORMIT, an extraordinary club that makes the ‘average’ academics more effective, more self-aware and above all socially more powerful.

Continue reading

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