Digital natives will force large companies to change

Ask a hundred young graduates about their image of large companies and institutions. Often you will hear: little innovative, rigid, not transparent, heavily structured, hierarchical, little attention to personal development, focused on short term profit and other words along these lines. When you also take the high turnover rates of these young graduates during the first two years of their careers into account, you can imagine the challenge large companies face in attracting and keeping young talent.Continue reading

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Digitisation – more than focusing on customers

Jeanine van der Lee

Strategic Account Manager at ORMIT

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Aren’t you happy to have the opportunity to carry out all kinds of business anytime, anywhere? Undoubtedly, you run your banking operations online, but what else do you do with your Smartphone or your tablet? What would you like to be able to do more of? Which services do you find satisfying and what do you think should be improved?Continue reading

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How do you find the talent that you need right now?

Alexandra Pieters

Talent Recruitment & Selection Specialist at ORMIT
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Every ambitious organisation has its ideas about the future: within X years we will have achieved result Y, these are the domains in which we will make the difference and here is how we will do it. Once these ambitions are clear, the inevitable follow-up questions come up: how do we get there? How will we achieve these goals? And the most crucial question: who do we need for that? Only with the right talent in the right place an organisation can really make the difference.Continue reading

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