I’m starting my career at an historical turning point

Ciaran Mcewan

Digital Trainee at BNP Paribas Fortis

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Forty-two ‘digital trainees’ will be accompanying several departments of BNP Paribas Fortis toward their transition into digital. Ciaran Mcewan is one these ‘digital trainees’.Continue reading

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IT is all about people

Look me up !

Kévin Moulart

IT Manager Trainee at ORMIT
Clever, fast learner, dynamic, open-minded and smiling, natural leader with an analytical mind, people find me easy to work with.

Specializations : project management, software analysis, software development, complex algorithmic and big data anlysis.
Look me up !

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When I started my studies in IT, I couldn’t explain why I was attracted to it. I knew I liked to know how things work, deep behind the scenes, to explore the realm of complex logical algorithms and understand the challenges and choices hidden behind a particular software release.Continue reading

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ORMIT’ers at their project

Our Multi-Company trainees work on challenging projects in different leading companies. Curious about the types of projects they work on? Seven trainees share their project experience in a video blog.Continue reading

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Make it happen

Gilles Pierson

Multi-Company Trainee at ORMIT
Projects @ ORMIT:
-Operations Analyst @ GDF Suez/Electrabel
-Corporate Financial Analyst @ Fluxys

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A project lottery?

During my first week as an ORMIT’er, I was rather curious about projects that ORMIT could assign me on: would I have many responsibilities? Would it be challenging? Would I have plenty of learning possibilities? I had no clue. Continue reading

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Putting the ‘IT’ in ORMIT

Benoit Ockerman

Management Trainee at ORMIT
Projects @ ORMIT:
- PMO EngineeringPhone & Contact Center at BNP Paribas Fortis
- Project Lead IT at Magotteaux
- Project Manager E-Learning Implementation at Magotteaux
- Supply Chain Analyst at Aleris

I like cycling!
I don't like chocolate and candy (true story).

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As an ORMIT trainee in the Multi Company Programme (MCP), I so far had the opportunity to collaborate in two different IT projects.Continue reading

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Facing flexibility at SOS Children’s Villages Belgium

Carole Peters

Management Trainee at ORMIT
Projects @ ORMIT:
- PMO Internal communication of Hello bank! at BNPP Paribas Fortis
- Project Manager Digital Channels Ambassadors Community at BNPP Paribas Fortis
- Project Officer HR BS&O at BNPP Paribas Fortis
- Support Marketing Sponsorships at SOS Children’s Villages

I like Budapest, sun, drinking warm coffee, discovering new fashion designers, traveling in exotic countries and all kinds of unknown places!

I don't like negativity, cold winters and grey sky.

Have you ever heard of SOS Children’s Villages?

I am sure you did! SOS Children’s Villages is an NGO that focusses on “helping to improve the lives and opportunities of vulnerable children all over the globe by working at different levels with communities, organizational partners and authorities”.

Continue reading

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I asked for a challenge, and that’s exactly what I got!

Lennert Vierendeels

Management Trainee at ORMIT
Projects @ ORMIT
- Demand Planning Project Team at Axalta Coating Systems
- Change Officer at BNP Paribas Fortis

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After finishing my first project at BNP Paribas Fortis, my Talent Development Manager asked me what my next project needed to look like. I asked for something challenging…Continue reading

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Roland Coppin and Thomas Sterken on working together at Brussels Airport and more

Thomas Sterken

Management Trainee at ORMIT
Projects @ ORMIT:
- Project Manager Operations at Brussels Airport Company
- Demand Coordinator & Project Team at Axalta Coating Systems

Our clients have good experiences with ORMIT’ers and ORMIT’ers are enthusiastic about the challenging assignments they undertake within these organisations. Thomas Sterken is a Multi Company trainee at ORMIT and is working on his second assignment as Project Manager at Brussels Airport. Continue reading


My ORMIT Experience

Kristof van den Breeden

Talents @ Interim at ORMIT

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3 years ago I successfully applied for the job as Management Trainee at ORMIT. When I look back at these last couple of years, you can’t simply call it a “job”. Working for ORMIT isn’t like anything you’ve done before; it’s a unique journey that will surely have a lasting impact on the rest of your professional, but also your private life.Continue reading

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Thrown into the lions’ den

Laurent Chenu

Management Trainee at ORMIT
Projects @ ORMIT:
- PMO Change Management at BNP Paribas Fortis
- Business Process Management Officer at GDF Suez Electrabel

I like spending time with family and friends, playing sports, reading and eating!

I don't like haters.

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Monday March 4th 2013: my first day at ORMIT. I barely get the chance to get to know the other ORMIT’ers or to understand how it all works when I have the opportunity to have my first intake on Thursday 7th at BNP Paribas Fortis.

Continue reading

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