Facing flexibility at SOS Children’s Villages Belgium

Have you ever heard of SOS Children’s Villages?

I am sure you did! SOS Children’s Villages is an NGO that focusses on “helping to improve the lives and opportunities of vulnerable children all over the globe by working at different levels with communities, organizational partners and authorities”.

They have four main wishes for the world’s children: each child needs to feel that he belongs to a family, each child needs to grow up with love, with respect and with security.

I can hear you think: “What has ORMIT to do with SOS Children’s Villages?”

I had the opportunity to do my third assignment in this wonderful organization. I was working there during three months in order to create a marketing plan for child sponsorships.

I can hear you think again: “Child sponsorship? What’s that?”
As a child sponsor you will give the wonderful chance to a child at risk to grow up in a loving home, with good nutrition, healthcare and education that will prepare him or her for the future, thanks to a monthly financial contribution. My objective was to rethink the way we could bring the child sponsorships into the Belgian market on a communication level, marketing level etc.

I hear you thinking once again: “But ORMIT assignments are generally in big companies right?” Yes and no. We also have the opportunity to work in Non-Profit Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and Social Profits. As future managers we think it is important to also have a view on other types of organizations and even more to give something back to society; not always just money, but also some of our time. Recently, we had similar assignments for organizations such as Max Havelaar, Habbekrats,…

Working at SOS Children’s Villages was an amazing experience; I extended my knowledge in strategic marketing and communication and experienced working in an NGO environment. I also felt directly adopted by the entire team and had the impression that I have been working there forever.

Actually, it almost literally was like that. Let me tell you a funny story. The NGO participates in many events. You might think of the Ekiden Run; they have a dedicated team running the 20 km of Brussels and … they are also present in several fairs. Fairs such as those organized for young mothers and pregnant women. This year, SOS Children’s Villages Belgium had a stall at one of them in Brussels. They proposed to the participants to make a drawing on a white pyjama for babies, also called “body”. You see those white clothes that babies wear at a very early age covering the whole body? The aim was to send all those clothes to young mothers in Togo, where SOS Belgium built a hospital. So far so good …

Everything was well planned and well organized for the baby fair in Brussels and there was a dedicated team for each day. But! One of my colleagues felt suddenly very sick the day before and had to stay at home on her D-Day. So … there was missing someone in the afternoon team! Therefore, I suggested to go and help my two other colleagues in order to present the organization, the work they do and try to collect as many drawings as possible for Togo 🙂

An unplanned, but very nice afternoon. We had a lot of fun, collected a lot of colorful bodies and made a lot of African mothers happy… and I was delighted to help! Moreover, I had to show my ability to be flexible and adapt myself in an unexpected situation and it was wonderful for me to feel so engaged to SOS!

Carole Peters

Management Trainee at ORMIT
Projects @ ORMIT:
- PMO Internal communication of Hello bank! at BNPP Paribas Fortis
- Project Manager Digital Channels Ambassadors Community at BNPP Paribas Fortis
- Project Officer HR BS&O at BNPP Paribas Fortis
- Support Marketing Sponsorships at SOS Children’s Villages

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