My first steps at ORMIT

This is it! My first professional experience was on the verge of beginning. I was  so eager to start that I arrived 30 minutes early.
Quickly, I discovered that we were 3 newcomers starting on Monday 1st December 2014; Olivier Rossillon, Maïté van Bogaert and myself.

The first person we met was Céline Dutrieux, the all-round assistant. She showed us around the office and introduced us to the staff members.

Before going further it is important to introduce a few concepts:

  • Buddy program: an ORMIT’er (who already had a project) takes you under his wings. Meaning; explaining how ORMIT works and how to use all the available tools.
  • VIP’er: Very Interesting Person, which is a person waiting for a project and temporarily working at the ORMIT office.

Getting to know each other

Back to our story, we finally met our Buddy who had sent us an e-mail with practical information the week before our start at ORMIT. He welcomed us and introduced us to the other VIP’ers. We  got to know each other. It was very interesting to meet all those people, who share the same desire to learn and to surpass themselves.

Throughout the following two days we had meetings with all the internal staff. They explained to us how our insurance works, they gave us our car keys and other gadgets (a log book, a flask, an USB stick, etc.). They also explained to us how social media interaction is promoted within the company and gave us tips to make a good LinkedIn profile. Afterwards it was time to meet the CEO, Thomas De Wulf. He introduced himself and then it was our turn. He also asked why we chose for ORMIT.

Finally, it was lunch time! Everyone gathered in the kitchen and we all ate together. It allowed us to get to know the internal staff members outside of the meetings we had with them.

ORMIT focuses on people

Once the lunch was over, we began our last meeting of the day with the Business Relation Manager, he explained the strategy of ORMIT to us and how we fit in this strategy. At that point, we realized that all of our meetings were not really about ORMIT, but about how we can help the company and how they can help us. It highlights once again that ORMIT focuses on people. After having had all of our meetings our Buddy asked us to write an article on Informit (ORMIT’s intranet) in which we introduce us to all the other ORMIT’ers. That way the ORMIT’ers on project can get to know the newbees. Immediately after having posted my article I received welcoming messages from some ORMT’ers. Others proposed various activities related to our common hobbies, awesome!

By the time I finished writing my article, I became a member of the football team and one of the many committees. For me this highlights even more the family spirit at ORMIT, people directly come to you and invite you to one of the many activities ORMIT offers.

So don’t hesitate and join our big family! We will welcome you with open arms!

Michaël Gutmacher

IT Management Trainee at Ormit
Business Analyst Planning System at Aleris

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