From Management Trainee to Managing Director of ORMIT Belgium

I started my ORMIT career in a real pioneering phase. I signed up in a time where ORMIT Belgium was not officially founded yet, had no offices, no employees and no clients. Nevertheless there was that truly great and unique business concept and a couple of young ambitious Dutch business developers that convinced me to join in.

Graduated as an engineer from Ghent University and working within the telecom industry, I was not completely satisfied with the work I was doing and the career opportunities outlook. I loved working with people, had plenty of ambition but no clue of what kind of company culture or what type of role would suit me best. The concept of ORMIT’s management traineeship was love at first sight.

As management trainee I worked on different assignments, submersed myself in the intense ORMIT personal development programme and enjoyed the great contacts within ORMIT and its client network. All this convinced me that ORMIT was the company I would like to work for, even after my trainee period. I wanted to help making ORMIT bigger and better.

I stayed after my traineeship and took up different roles within ORMIT. I coached trainees as Talent Development Manager, worked with our clients as Business Relations Manager and took part in the selection process of new talents. Thus I experienced the different aspects of the company before I became Managing Director in 2008.

Today, after 15 years of working within ORMIT, my biggest motivation is to develop ORMIT even further. It is about increasing the maturity of our company and processes, it is about developing new business and acquiring new clients, it is about attracting and developing talented people and about building a Great Place to Work for our employees. And guess what, I am still living the ORMIT concept every day: Learning by doing, reflecting and taking action if you want things to be different.

I truly believe that the ORMIT concept is ready to face the War on Talent. On the one hand there will be an immense shortage of highly skilled people due to demographic changes and it will be increasingly more difficult for those people to make the right choices. If you have the opportunity to work for different companies whilst upgrading your own personal leadership skills, isn’t that just great?

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