My assignment at Dupont Performance Coatings

On the fourth of Decembre I started as Demand Coördinator of the Powder business at Dupont Performance Coatings. As end point within the sales department, it was my task to collect input from regional sales leaders, use the market knowledge to create a valuable demand plan and transfer the right signal to the supply department. On top of that I was responsible to improve the monthly demand cycle to a stable process and create new management reporting tools.

During the first cycle in January I felt the stress of a demand planner against time and the technical obstacles. This increased the need for a stable process both in the interest of the company as myself. With the experience of a demand planner I found quick wins in other processes. By building tools in SAS, a data-integration and statistical software package, I could standardize sheets and help to build a five year plan based on leading indicators. Alignment with other departments and further ad-hoc sales analyzes, like price variance analysis, were planned.

SAS was spreading out and requests for Andrik, a second ORMIT’er who joined the team, and me were following. The interaction between the two of us is a great example of being aware of each other’s strengths and using them in communication and cooperation with other team members. We could also laugh with typical remarks, learn hard-skills and pass through tasks.

When six months passed by there were no other opportunities in sight. This way I could stay with Dupont Performance Coatings. Oh yes! The 4.3 billion dollar company was bought by an external investment group and changed their name to Axalta Coating Systems. You could feel the uncertainty between the workers, the silence before the storm, but also the change in culture and the way of decision making. The last meant a step forward and the project work to a higher level.

Now I ‘m waiting for the launch of Visual Analytics, a tool which will be implemented only by ORMIT’ers and hopefully also this will find his way into the company. One month to go, One month where the knowledge of the company, the processes and the two of us will come together.

Thomas Sterken

Management Trainee at ORMIT
Projects @ ORMIT:
- Project Manager Operations at Brussels Airport Company
- Demand Coordinator & Project Team at Axalta Coating Systems
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