Never underestimate the power of the LEGENDS

Working for ORMIT has a lot of advantages: you get to know your strengths and weaknesses, you train your soft skills, you gather experience during your projects,… But one advantage is mostly forgotten, namely:  the HONOUR to play for a magical team called the ORMIT LEGENDS!

Indoor football is the sport where ORMIT  shines!  The LEGENDS are well-known amongst other company teams as a hard-working, coherent team, which is unbeatable and is known for their “tiki taka” football. Regrettably the problems this is year were the amount of injured players, the absence of lady fortuna and other circumstances that could not be previewed. These issues caused a zero winning streak after the first half of the season.

But after recovering and wound healing during the winter period, the LEGENDS were ready to gain their first points of the season. There was only one problem:  the opponent was BELGOCONTROL. This unbeaten team was still enjoying the maximum of points and was rolling up every opponent with pre-war scores.

Of course no one can frighten our LEGENDS…

The heroic team that cold day in January was:

  • Alexander the panther CasilliStas
  • Jens Messiaert
  • Mehdinaldo
  • Vincent Sabolewski
  • Andrik the unbiased reporter Fol

Because of the early start of the game, our ORMIT team was not able to have some substitutes and to warm-up before the big game. Luckily the CHR program of ORMIT has always taken a close watch on the physical state of the players so this should not give any problems.

During the first half the LEGENDS were already showing their excellent technical and tactical skills and scored 2 goals, leading the game with 2-1. The second half was even of a higher level than the first and the legends were able to extend their lead till 4-2. The conditional skills of the Legends seemed more than sufficient during the last minutes of the game to settle this as a final score.

After the game, of course all phases were carefully analysed and the general conclusion was that teamwork and technical/tactical skills made the difference during the game.

After the Belgocontrol team dried their tears, they congratulated the LEGENDS with their superb victory and were kind enough to acknowledge the superiority of the ORMIT team. Also if you looked at their faces and if you could read their mind you could see them all having the same particular thought:

Never underestimate the power of the Legends and their CHR program” 

Your noble reporter and management trainee:

Andrik Fol

Andrik Fol

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