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3 years ago I successfully applied for the job as Management Trainee at ORMIT. When I look back at these last couple of years, you can’t simply call it a “job”. Working for ORMIT isn’t like anything you’ve done before; it’s a unique journey that will surely have a lasting impact on the rest of your professional, but also your private life.

When you start at ORMIT you will see that there are 4 big aspects to the ORMIT lifestyle.

You will perform challenging assignments at diverse companies, you will follow trainings to support your personal development, you will have a personal coach that will guide you the entire time and most of all you will spend your time with a unique kind of people, “ORMIT’ers”.

Personally I’ve performed 4 missions during my programme. The first in the pricing department of
Bpost, the second in the Marketing Department of BNPPF, after that an internal mission at ORMIT and finally my last one in the IT department of Magotteaux.

For this last one and perhaps the most challenging and interesting one, I was part of the IT business partnering team at Magotteaux. As an IT project leader, I was responsible to lead the implementation of a new CRM system,, which would be used by the global sales team.
During my time at Magotteaux I lead the project from A to Z. This means analysing the needs of the business, translating this to specifications to be used by the developers, leading the development and testing of the tool, organizing the cut over and the go-live,…

Training and coaching
Next to my assignments I followed a wide range of training sessions, covering different topics such as project management, communication skills and personal leadership. Besides this I had access to a personal coach that guided me along the way. She helped me when I experienced issues during my project, helped me to integrate the feedback I received from my clients and guided me to making the right career choices after my programme.

All of this I didn’t experience alone of course. When you join ORMIT you will be part of the ORMIT family, and you will go through the entire journey together with a pool of colleagues that will become much more than that. Not only did we follow the different trainings together, we shared intervision sessions, had a drink after work, went on weekends, and so much more. Even now after our traineeship we still get together to catch up.

Looking back I can honestly say that ORMIT was the right choice for me. I gained a lot of experience in a short amount of time, learned a lot about myself and had the chance to be part of a group of amazing people.

Kristof van den Breeden

Talents @ Interim at ORMIT

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