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Working for ORMIT means that you are working at a partner company most of the time. Because of this you don’t get to see your colleagues on a daily work basis. Therefore ORMIT organizes monthly ORMEETS to give presentations and socialize with colleagues. Always fun to see everybody, but it doesn’t end there! Next to this there are a lot of engaged ORMIT’ers that organize other activities. Last weekend ORMIT participated at the Ekiden run in Brussels. The goal of this run is to finish a relay marathon as fast as possible with 6 people. A battle rose between three different ORMIT teams.

When I started at ORMIT a year ago, this event was also organized, but I wasn’t in shape at all, so I skipped it. This year however I felt more ready than ever. ORMIT invests in your development on many levels; for example one of the first trainings is about health. Your fitness is tested and you get a personal program to improve your endurance. Everybody can choose how far they go with it, but for me it was the right motivation. Each week I went running with the watch I got to complete my program. This in combination with motivating colleagues really paid off. My fitness increased a lot and this year I was ready to participate at the Ekiden run.

Finally it was Saturday and the run began. My team was doing very well, in the beginning we even had the lead of all the ORMIT teams. When the race was coming to an end, the other teams were closing the gap. I was next-to-last and by the time I could start one team surpassed us, so I had to do extra well. I did my best, closed the gap a little more and got my personal record time. In the end my team started the last round almost at the same time as the first ORMIT team. Finally we ended up second, but it was still a great performance of everybody. I had a great afternoon and next year I will participate again to do even better!



Sara Baeten

Management Trainee at ORMIT
Projects @ ORMIT:
- Project Manager at STIB-MIVB
- Assets Scheduler at Axalta Coating Systems

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