ORMIT Summer Event : The Splash Edition

Aside from all the hard work, ORMIT every year organizes a summer event. It is a moment where all ORMIT’ers reunite and have a great relaxing evening with lots of activities.

This year’s edition took place just outside the charming town of Boussu-Lez-Walcourt. It was a good day for aqua-lovers who aren’t shy to practice some extreme sports. ‘The Spin’ was the location where it all happened. For those who aren’t up to date of the possible recreational activities in the region of Charleroi, The Spin is a cable park on the water which can be used for waterskiing. The principle is simple: you put on some water skis, receive the rope that is given to you by the local beach boy and wait for the inevitable pull that directs you from the shore into the water. The equilibrium artists among us tried to stay above the water not only on water skis but also on wakeboards, mono skis and knee boards. Staying up for a couple of rounds on the grand lake, mostly referred to the Lake Michigan of Belgium, was an excruciating challenge for some and a walk in the park for others. Also congratulations to Alexander Stas aka the BBQ Grill Master who managed to break the rope.

Next to the adrenaline pumping waterski activity, there was also a search activity on the side lake of The Spin which needed all physical and intellectual capacities at hand. Hidden in and around the lake were riddles and hints that had to be found using 3 paddle boards and 3 paddles. Keep in mind that one group consisted of 10 persons which created hilarious scenes. All the pieces of the puzzle together formed the motivational quote:  “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. As I participated in the activity I must say that my comfort zone ended with 3 guys on one paddle board.

Last activity brought out the toughest cowboys and cowgirls in us. With shuffling feet and clapping hands we set our first steps in the art of Line dancing. It is a dance that is easily underestimated but needs sweat and determination to master it. Needless to say is that each and every ORMIT’er adapted the dance style rather quickly. Some even tried made-up freestyles in the progress.

To end the evening in style, a big BBQ was lit. Everybody filled their stomachs with the finest products pig and cow could offer. Soon the party moved to the dance floor where imaginary dance moves became reality. The best dressed award goes without a doubt to Céline who had us all believed that Cleopatra had returned from the afterlife.

It was a summer event of which the organizational team can be proud. Next summer event will have a difficult task to top this one.

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