ORMIT-volunteers for SamuSocial give something back to society

On November 10 we were 5 plus 5 “ORMIT –volunteers” in the Chausssée de Charleroi to mount +/- 200 beds for the homeless people. In the context of the CSR dimension of ORMIT, we as young fortunate people, wanted to take our responsibility in ‘giving something back to society’. We believe that this type of initiatives can really add value for everybody, even in our direct environment.

To give you an idea about the situation in Belgium: in total there are 50.000 homeless people of which 5.000 live in the streets. Meaning that 45.000 homeless thus are “invisible”. Knowing these people just wander around, should make one think, reflect, and even more, act on it!

Last year SamuSocial intercepted 6.674 people of which 996 single mothers and 375 children. Most of the homeless people do not choose this kind of life. It is the result of a crisis situation they are not able to solve. The stereotype of the homeless “clochard” is no longer representative for this group.


SamuSocial asked for volunteers, since they wanted to be ready before the cold really enters the country.  You can imagine when the first freezing temperatures start, you don’t have enough time to prepare a complete building to receive 200 people, give them food, let them take a shower and provide them a bed to sleep in.

I can honestly say that being part of this was a lot of fun! Immediately we put ourselves to use and created “chains” to transport parts of beds and mattresses to big office spaces. The most “handy” amongst us assembled the beds. Luckily there were beds that only needed to be constructed with 4 legs :).

After a small 4 hours the job was done and the responsible from SamuSocial – tears in his eyes – thanked us warmly. What a good feeling! Being a volunteer is so much more than doing a financial gift to buy some peace of mind, it really means ‘giving something back to society’ and this is priceless!

Towards the future, together with ORMIT, ORMIT’ers and our socially active partners we will take our responsibility. I would like to encourage everyone to take part in such initiatives. If you know people or organizations that are active in the social sector and can use our help, don’t hesitate contacting the ORMIT CSR Committee to find out how we can help. Let’s do this together!


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