How ORMIT’ers make each other grow

At ORMIT, we learn and we grow. From our first day at ORMIT, until the last we spend time on our personal development, with help from our colleague trainees, coaches and trainers.

The 70:20:10 principle

ORMIT starts from the 70:20:10 learning principle, which means 70% of the skills will be learned during the projects in different companies, 20% by observing and interaction with fellow trainees and 10% from trainings.

The trainings

During the 26 months we get about thirty days of training, such as change management, situational leadership, team effectiveness, communication skills, project management, MBTI, and many others. Those are given by experienced trainers and in an unconventional way with a lot of practical applications. The trainings are very useful to develop our talents, to apply on the assignments during the traineeship and for our future career.

The 20% of learning from others

Next to these trainings we also have the opportunity to learn from each other during the ORMIT period. This represents the 20%. As we are grouped into pools for the ORMIT period, we help to develop each other and share professional experiences. This is also motivated by the intervision moments that are initiated by ORMIT. During these sessions, we understand and solve a professional issue one of our pool members struggles with.

I’m glad that all those opportunities exist at ORMIT. But additional to this, we now even have an extra possibility to share knowledge, named “competence sharing”. The idea started when an ORMIT’er needed some specific knowledge for a project and found a colleague trainee to teach her. Inspired by this story, some colleagues and I gathered all specific competences from the ORMIT trainees going from problem analysis to work-life balance or Photoshop. Both professional and leisure subjects are listed in the file. This way, every ORMIT’er who needs help on a certain topic can check who has the skills to teach him or her. There can’t be enough opportunities to learn!

In the picture below, you can see my poolies and me during one of our many moments of learning with and from each other.


Intervision at ORMIT







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