Out with the pool

When an applicant is hired at ORMIT, he or she is added to what is called a “pool”.  Six people fit into one pool and two consecutive pools will have all the trainings together during their two year trajectory at ORMIT. For example, my pool is pool 22 and during every training, from the “Kick-Off training” up to the “Night of ORMIT”, we will sit together with the trainees of pool 21. The division into pools is a practicality to organize the trainings, but it is much more than that.

ORMIT has a rigid selection procedure when assessing applicants for its management traineeship. Before being hired, we all went through the assessment process; interview, analytical test, presentation and role plays. Due to this process, all of ORMIT’ers have a few basic characteristics in common. We are all open-minded, young and social people who are eager to learn and are motivated to adapt and develop ourselves. Because a lot of trainings get very personal and require us to be really open about our feelings and thoughts, we quickly got to know each other pretty well and learned to trust one another.. Especially the “ORMIT Outdoor”, a two day training in the middle of nowhere that is physically and mentally very demanding, brought us closer together. This training comes very early in the trajectory and results in a solid foundation for all trainings after that.

We noticed rather fast that we were all on the same wavelength, so it came natural to go and have a drink after a training. It was a lot of fun, and quickly we started to get together more often for drinks and dinner, sometimes even lunch. After a while someone suggested to have a party in each city where one of us lives. We were all enthusiastic about this idea and we immediately planned our first get together. It was a really nice evening and we wanted more. Our busy agendas are the only thing that keep us from doing this every week. We already went to Brussels and Antwerp, the next cities are Ghent, Leuven, Liège, Hasselt and Bruges!

It feels like we have known each other for years, but we only met six months ago. I believe that I do not merely speak for myself when I say that ORMIT’ers are rather friends than colleagues.

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