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How do you find the talent that you need right now?

Every ambitious organisation has its ideas about the future: within X years we will have achieved result Y, these are the domains in which we will make the difference and here is how we will do it. Once these ambitions are clear, the inevitable follow-up questions come up: how do we get there? How will […]

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Facing flexibility at SOS Children’s Villages Belgium

Have you ever heard of SOS Children’s Villages? I am sure you did! SOS Children’s Villages is an NGO that focusses on “helping to improve the lives and opportunities of vulnerable children all over the globe by working at different levels with communities, organizational partners and authorities”.

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I asked for a challenge, and that’s exactly what I got!

After finishing my first project at BNP Paribas Fortis, my Talent Development Manager asked me what my next project needed to look like. I asked for something challenging…

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