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So you’re at the VIP

After having finished my third Assignment, I landed in the ORMIT VIP. As a lot of ORMIT’ers on project or candidate new employees ask ‘What is going on when you’re in the VIP’, I’m going to dedicate my testimonial to this specific topic.

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Effectively in the right direction.

What causes the yearly increase of the percentage of burnouts? How come so many people see working as an accepted way of suffering? On the other hand, how come ORMIT’ers can guarantee energetic leadership in the 21st century? Over more than 12 years I’ve been a fan of ORMIT, an extraordinary club that makes the […]

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The 2 biggest mysteries of ORMIT: Outdoor Event & Remco

Ever since I started the professional adventure that ORMIT’s traineeship is called, I’ve heard nothing but mysterious sounds about 2 unique experiences you will have as ORMIT’er… the Outdoor Event & the Remco Training!

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