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Is it possible to change your personality? And is it possible to increase your IQ?

These two questions are bound to spark heated debates in the scientific community. Perhaps you are familiar with the ‘nature’ versus ‘nurture’ debate on the subject of ‘personality’? Did you know that your answer to the above questions provides an indication of your success and motivation? And then we are not even talking about what […]

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Agile leadership for agile organisations

Today organisations must quickly and smoothly adapt to changes. They need to be agile. Agile organisations are not afraid of the uncertainty of a dynamic environment but they embrace it. They do this by responding quickly, efficiently and effectively to changing customer needs, to new technologies and new ways of working.

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So long everyone!

Zoef…. 26 months…you would think 2 years is quite a long time. Well, apparently it isn’t. The past 26 months have really flown by, as if being in the most amazing cockpit of one of the fastest airplanes in the world, the SR-71 blackbird.

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