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We want to share our experiences and stories with you! We hope they will inspire you, make you think, inform you or just make you smile. For posts on talent-and leadership development or experiences from ORMIT clients, go to FOR ORGANISATIONS. To get a glimpse of what working at ORMIT is all about, read the experiences of our ORMIT trainees in FOR TALENTS. Have fun reading!

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How ORMIT’ers make each other grow

At ORMIT, we learn and we grow. From our first day at ORMIT, until the last we spend time on our personal development, with help from our colleague trainees, coaches and trainers.

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The power of happiness in the workplace

That work determines happiness is in itself no longer a surprise. Of course, there is more to happiness than just work, but work does play a large role. Work gives meaning, creates social contacts and encourages development. All factors that are closely linked to happiness.

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The ORMIT logo, more than just a cube!

The ORMIT logo is more than just a cube to me. Watch my video blog and find out how the logo visualises my personal development journey.

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Only people make the difference