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When I started my studies in IT, I couldn’t explain why I was attracted to it. I knew I liked to know how things work, deep behind the scenes, to explore the realm of complex logical algorithms and understand the challenges and choices hidden behind a particular software release.As soon as this thirst of knowledge and understanding was fulfilled, I began to grasp the real meaning of being an IT guy. It is not about being a geek, or a gamer or even a hacker, alone in his cave, only lit by the dark screen of his computer, full with matrix-like gibberish. It is, in fact, quite the opposite: it is working with, and for people.


The main goal of developing a program is not to release if flawless, with a modern design, or to make the code beautiful to read (yes that can happen 😉 ), it is to deliver a program that the user will actually use, that will help him/her day after day to be better at his/her task, to lose less time doing random, often necessary but repetitive tasks and to regain some time to do interesting, fun, creative tasks that he/she enjoys doing and is good at.


As an IT management trainee, I experience this every day. I am the link between the businessmen, with all their knowledge of the company’s business, and the IT teams, full of brilliant developers, genius architects, and powerful network administrators. My role is to listen to and understand the business, work with them to find out what they truly need and come up with the best possible solution. Only then we can put those ideas and needs into a concept and technical words. This way we can lead the team towards the goal of delivering a solution that will not only fit the needs of the business, but that they will actually enjoy using!


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Kévin Moulart

IT Manager Trainee at ORMIT
Clever, fast learner, dynamic, open-minded and smiling, natural leader with an analytical mind, people find me easy to work with.

Specializations : project management, software analysis, software development, complex algorithmic and big data anlysis.
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