Putting the ‘IT’ in ORMIT

As an ORMIT trainee in the Multi Company Programme (MCP), I so far had the opportunity to collaborate in two different IT projects. My first assignment I executed in a major Belgian bank, in the telephony engineering department. Banking by smartphone is increasingly popular and so are the challenges coming with it. My next assignment took place in the totally different sector of an international dredging and metallurgic company. I was the project manager for an e-learning platform implementation and project lead IT for the implementation of an SAP module to improve the internal IT Service Desk.

What I discovered is that IT projects face surprisingly similar challenges, independent of the environment they are operating in. First of all, there is a huge gap between defining a business need and implementing the IT solution doing exactly what the business department requires. That is where you come in. Translating a business requirement into a working and workable IT solution is challenging. It requires brainpower, patience, planning, communication between people, those who think numbers and those who think words and… well; I assume you get the picture.

There is no better way to learn IT project management than by actually doing it. As an ORMIT’er, you get involved both with the technical as with the managerial side of project-based working. From the first day on you receive a lot of responsibilities, which definitely sharpens your learning curve.

What also attracts me is that ORMIT takes personal development of its employees seriously. And that is not just a sales pitch. You can take this focus quite literally, since it is included in the core business of ORMIT’s development programmes (what’s in a name). It truly is a part of the company culture.

Working for a client, you might think that you never meet your fellow young ORMIT colleagues.
Fortunately, this is not the case. You meet your pool members regularly during the trainings you will follow together with them during your entire ORMIT career. Also the monthly ORMEET events at our headquarters give you the opportunity to sniff the atmosphere of a young and entrepreneurial company. Such moments offer you a social backbone you can rely on.

If you would be likely to have an inner geek that tells you tldr: Apply for this job. You won’t regret.

Benoit Ockerman

Management Trainee at ORMIT
Projects @ ORMIT:
- PMO EngineeringPhone & Contact Center at BNP Paribas Fortis
- Project Lead IT at Magotteaux
- Project Manager E-Learning Implementation at Magotteaux
- Supply Chain Analyst at Aleris

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