Roland Coppin and Thomas Sterken on working together at Brussels Airport and more

Our clients have good experiences with ORMIT’ers and ORMIT’ers are enthusiastic about the challenging assignments they undertake within these organisations. Thomas Sterken is a Multi Company trainee at ORMIT and is working on his second assignment as Project Manager at Brussels Airport. He is responsible for managing various projects and capacity studies. Roland Coppin is his mentor and Head of Operational Control at Brussels Airport. They talk about working together and their experience with ORMIT.

What are you working on together?

Roland: ‘The Operational Control Department is responsible for forecasting the resources at, for example, check-in, baggage handling and passport control. Budget monitoring, Contract Management and Procurement are also among the department’s tasks. We are also responsible for contingency management at the airport in the event of a strike or disaster. Lastly, the department is also in charge of the Project Management of these operations. Thomas is one of our project managers. He is involved in several projects, such as, for example, reorganising the baggage reclaim exit and implementing automatic baggage drop-off zones. He also carries out capacity studies, such as for the new connector we are currently building.’

Why did Brussels Airport choose ORMIT?

‘What appealed to me in particular is that ORMIT works with young, ambitious people with lots of energy, who are keen to learn and achieve things. Young, motivated people provide a fresh look at business, which has a positive impact on an organisation.’ explains Roland.

Roland continues: ‘We were also looking for someone with a broad view, analytical skills and the ability to absorb new things quickly. Especially the last one was of utmost importance. ORMIT’ers possess these capacities. They may not yet have years of experience, but they learn quickly. We experienced this with Thomas, the returns were very quick. I think he was already completely settled in after a month and had already delivered certain studies. That’s the advantage of working with people like Thomas.’

What has working together brought with it?

Thomas says he has learned a lot from Roland: ‘Roland has taught me that I should occasionally be a bit tougher and take decisive action. It is obviously important to reach a consensus with all stakeholders involved, but sometimes we just need to move forward and I have to stand up and make a decision, especially as project manager. I sometimes have difficulty with that, and apparently Roland used to as well. It’s precisely because of this that I can learn a lot from him now.’

Roland says that Thomas’s enthusiasm is highly contagious. ‘After a tough meeting or a bad day, working with a young, positive and motivated person who really wants to get things done makes everything all right. It provides an instant energy boost to keep on going and not to give up.’

Some final words for Thomas?

‘As his mentor, I would like to give him one final piece of advice: Thomas is always really enthusiastic to work on something and prefers to do everything himself. But that’s not practical in the long term. He needs to learn to delegate and monitor. He should motivate people to do certain things for him instead of doing everything himself.’, says Roland. ‘That is indeed one of my pitfalls, but I am sure that my coach will be able to help me with this.’, adds Thomas.

Thomas Sterken

Management Trainee at ORMIT
Projects @ ORMIT:
- Project Manager Operations at Brussels Airport Company
- Demand Coordinator & Project Team at Axalta Coating Systems
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