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After having finished my third Assignment, I landed in the ORMIT VIP. As a lot of ORMIT’ers on project or candidate new employees ask ‘What is going on when you’re in the VIP’, I’m going to dedicate my testimonial to this specific topic.

The VIP is a special kind of environment to be in because of two main things. First; you are waiting for a new assignment and second; you’re not quite sure of what is expected of you.

After having finished an assignment, the VIP can be a nice present to evaluate the finished assignment and integrate the gained project knowledge. Knowing this only takes for about a week, you are fast scanning the VIP environment and searching your place. At a certain moment you will experience the ‘waiting for a new project’ and the ‘what is expected of me’ feelings, which can be quite difficult to deal with. When you’re coming to that point, it is up to you to turn the waiting/reactive attitude into a doing/proactive attitude. Knowing there is a lot going on at ORMIT, can certainly give you the momentum to get hold of an internal project and further develop your skills and help ORMIT in obtaining certain objectives.

Today (08/03/2012) we decided to launch a new structure in the VIP. This by means of a brainstorm about what is going on at ORMIT for the moment, how we can use our gathered knowledge to the maximum, and foremost, how we can be proactive in our approach and integrate the ‘developing management’ and ‘personal development’ concepts during the VIP period. This resulted in a nice, and quite vast shared internal program for all of us. We identified projects concerning Social Media, Human Resources, Sales, Infrastructure and Development Tracks. This shared program and the sub projects allow for us, amongst others, to keep on learning on project basis, to experience how to work with different profiles and take on shared responsibility. It as well ensures the needed energy and dynamism to progress together!

To summarize all of this into a quote I would say: ‘If it is to be, it’s up to me’ (or up to us in the bigger picture). If you’re in the VIP, ORMIT gives you the space and the possibilities to further develop, but it’s up to you to realize this and remain proactive in your approach!

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