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‘Have you ever been to a presentation where you nearly fell asleep?’ A question 99% of the population most probably would say yes to.


This question was the focus of our first training “Speaking with Impact” given by Bert Bleyen, ORMIT’s Training Manager. He taught us that the success of a presentation can be deducted from the answer your audience gives to the following two questions; “How was it?” and “What was it about?”. If the answers are positive and concrete, you did well.


What are people most confronted with when giving a lecture? Which information do they want to hear? How can you connect instantly with those sitting in front of you? And what about body language? All subjects we learned about. The knowledge we gained was very specific and I can confidently say that my next presentation will be influenced by it in a positive way.


What I enjoyed most was the fact that we didn’t just get a theoretical training. Bert tried out some ‘dirty tips and tricks’ on us to illustrate how a simple sentence or gesture can get the audience focussed again. We were also asked to try out some of those tricks on our colleagues followed by feedback. Amy managed entertaining me with a presentation on football, a subject I seldom like talking about. I’m convinced!


The atmosphere in the group was very interesting. Everyone had to keep an eye on the body language of someone else, which we afterwards discussed vividly. At noon, the ORMIT-cupcakes also caused a lot of excitement and everyone instantly started drooling.


You are now probably wondering which tips and tricks you can use in your next presentation. I won’t give it all away in this article; it is something you can learn at ORMIT or by attending one of our workshops. However, if you read this blog post carefully you might notice I used a couple.


To end this article with,

  • How was it’? It was a really fun and inspiring training with a lot of takeaways!
  • What was it about’? About how to keep your audience’s attention from start to end, something Bert surely managed to do himself.
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