My first steps at ORMIT

Michaël Gutmacher

IT Management Trainee at Ormit
Business Analyst Planning System at Aleris

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This is it! My first professional experience was on the verge of beginning. I was  so eager to start that I arrived 30 minutes early.
Quickly, I discovered that we were 3 newcomers starting on Monday 1st December 2014; Olivier Rossillon, Maïté van Bogaert and myself. Continue reading

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With engaged co-workers, change becomes an opportunity

These days, companies have to be able to anticipate changes as soon as possible. In the market, in the area of technology, politics and social area. This asks some effort from people working in an organisation.Continue reading

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15 years of ORMIT Belgium: A trip down memory lane

The birth of a new concept
Good ideas sometimes come from places we would not immediately expect. This was true of the ORMIT concept, which was conceived of on a golf course, somewhere between the eighteenth and nineteenth hole.Continue reading

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From Management Trainee to Managing Director of ORMIT Belgium

I started my ORMIT career in a real pioneering phase. I signed up in a time where ORMIT Belgium was not officially founded yet, had no offices, no employees and no clients. Nevertheless there was that truly great and unique business concept and a couple of young ambitious Dutch business developers that convinced me to join in.

Continue reading

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Past, present and future at ORMIT (ORMIT Group)

Hetty Van Ee

Managing Director at ORMIT
Sinds 2001 ben ik Algemeen Directeur van ORMIT Groep. Wij maken organisaties en mensen succesvoller door hun unieke talenten te herkennen, te ontwikkelen en in te zetten. Zo zorgen we voor instroom, ontwikkeling en doorstroom van talent in organisaties. Dit noemen we talentisme. Met ORMIT willen we het beste en leukste bedrijf zijn. Practice what you preach in leiderschaps-, talentontwikkeling en levenskunst.

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Would you consider becoming responsible for the ORMIT Group? It was the best question I ever got (during my work I mean), even though I didn’t have a clue at that time what ORMIT exactly did.Continue reading

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