Why uncertainty is a good thing

Eva Vercouteren

Management Trainee at ORMIT
I like to move it move it!
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“In order to grow and improve, you have to be there at the edge of uncertainty”. These are the words of an inspiring chef Francis Mallmann, who likes to experiment with cooking. Continue reading

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Graduated… and now what?

Nick Hoogendoorn

Vice Director at ORMIT

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We meet many students; students with a good resume and a lot of ambition who cannot wait to get on the labour market. However a lot of those talented people often have no idea what they really want regarding work, and when they think they do, their idea has often been built on a foundation of straw.Continue reading

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Digital natives will force large companies to change

Ask a hundred young graduates about their image of large companies and institutions. Often you will hear: little innovative, rigid, not transparent, heavily structured, hierarchical, little attention to personal development, focused on short term profit and other words along these lines. When you also take the high turnover rates of these young graduates during the first two years of their careers into account, you can imagine the challenge large companies face in attracting and keeping young talent.Continue reading

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How to build a successful career?


Talent Development Manager at ORMIT

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What job would fit me?

At the start of their career, most young people don’t have a clear idea of what they want to do as a professional. ‘Where shall I start?’ ‘What kind of job shall I do?’ are some of the most frequent questions young and eager newcomers on the job market ask themselves.Continue reading

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