My view on the ORMIT traineeship: from talent to leadership

Thomas Vanhoutte

Digital Management Trainee at ORMIT Belgium
Thomas is a digital management trainee at ORMIT and works on digital-centric projects at BNP Paribas Fortis, Belgium's biggest bank.

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How do you go from talent to leadership? Thomas elaborates on his theory. Continue reading

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Agile leadership for agile organisations

Today organisations must quickly and smoothly adapt to changes. They need to be agile. Agile organisations are not afraid of the uncertainty of a dynamic environment but they embrace it. They do this by responding quickly, efficiently and effectively to changing customer needs, to new technologies and new ways of working.

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Effectively in the right direction.

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What causes the yearly increase of the percentage of burnouts? How come so many people see working as an accepted way of suffering? On the other hand, how come ORMIT’ers can guarantee energetic leadership in the 21st century? Over more than 12 years I’ve been a fan of ORMIT, an extraordinary club that makes the ‘average’ academics more effective, more self-aware and above all socially more powerful.

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