Children can teach themselves. Can we do it too?

Rob Gering

Talent Development Manager at ORMIT

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The hole in the wall

Sugata Mitra has a great video on TED talks about his wish to “build a school in the cloud“ (link). It’s about how we can design the future of learning. For this, he draws on his experience, which goes as follows:Continue reading

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Is it possible to change your personality? And is it possible to increase your IQ?

Arjenne Heins

Senior Consultant Talent Management and Leadership Development at ORMIT

These two questions are bound to spark heated debates in the scientific community. Perhaps you are familiar with the ‘nature’ versus ‘nurture’ debate on the subject of ‘personality’? Did you know that your answer to the above questions provides an indication of your success and motivation? And then we are not even talking about what the scientifically ‘correct’ answer to questions about personality and IQ is!Continue reading

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