My ORMIT Experience

Kristof van den Breeden

Talents @ Interim at ORMIT

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3 years ago I successfully applied for the job as Management Trainee at ORMIT. When I look back at these last couple of years, you can’t simply call it a “job”. Working for ORMIT isn’t like anything you’ve done before; it’s a unique journey that will surely have a lasting impact on the rest of your professional, but also your private life.Continue reading

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The things you see, the people you meet

Bruno Asselbergh

Management Trainee at ORMIT
Projects @ ORMIT:
- Demand Planning Improvements at Axalta Coating Systems
- Knowledge Manager at Sodexo
- Project Manager Multichannel Community at BNP Paribas Fortis

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Diversity is everywhere in companies. Labourers, administrative workers, managers, directors, different nationalities and languages, departments with different goals and people with different backgrounds. On an ORMIT project you can come in contact with a broad variety of people with whom you will need to interact to make your project a success. Continue reading

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Effectively in the right direction.

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What causes the yearly increase of the percentage of burnouts? How come so many people see working as an accepted way of suffering? On the other hand, how come ORMIT’ers can guarantee energetic leadership in the 21st century? Over more than 12 years I’ve been a fan of ORMIT, an extraordinary club that makes the ‘average’ academics more effective, more self-aware and above all socially more powerful.

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The 2 biggest mysteries of ORMIT: Outdoor Event & Remco

Matthias Lauwers

Alumni at ORMIT

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Ever since I started the professional adventure that ORMIT’s traineeship is called, I’ve heard nothing but mysterious sounds about 2 unique experiences you will have as ORMIT’er… the Outdoor Event & the Remco Training!

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