The 2 biggest mysteries of ORMIT: Outdoor Event & Remco

Ever since I started the professional adventure that ORMIT’s traineeship is called, I’ve heard nothing but mysterious sounds about 2 unique experiences you will have as ORMIT’er… the Outdoor Event & the Remco Training!

The Outdoor Event takes place at the beginning of your traineeship and really sets the tone for what ORMIT stands for: professional & personal development covered with fun & more fun! During these 2 days somewhere in the outback of the Netherlands, you are presented the chance to get to know your fellow pool members by communicating & collaborating together in order to bring all kinds of missions to a good end. Besides creating incredible and strong group dynamics, you also get the chance to get to know yourself better and deeper. By receiving feedback from your pool members and your coach during the Outdoor Event, you will get a more detailed picture of your own personality and behaviour within a collaborating group. Personally I think that this is what makes ORMIT so unique! No other organization or traineeship, that I know of, puts that much effort & energy in developing their employees’ own personality & behavior!

After this unforgettable teambuilding event, I asked myself if it was überhaupt possible to exceed this experience. And then came the Remco roller coaster…

I know that the word rollercoaster has been used before in a testimonial to describe the ORMIT traineeship and I am sure that the Remco training is that part of the rollercoaster with all the crazy loops and blood rushing corkscrews. Remco Claassen will give a complete show to help you find the right direction in your professional and moreover personal life! This was an unbelievable experience that I will never forget. When I hear that new ORMIT’ers will have their Remco training, I really get jealous and I can’t wait to hear about their stories and pure excitement.

You can only be a real leader, if you can lead yourself to achieve your personal goals! And you will know all about personal leadership during these 2 mysterious events!

Matthias Lauwers

Alumni at ORMIT

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