The adventures of Kristof the ORMIT’er!

Once upon a time, there was a little ORMIT’er called Kristof, who was about to embark on a fabulous journey on the labor market. Little did he know what was in store for him.

After getting to know his new master ORMIT, he left for his first mission at Bpost where he needed to conquer the dangerous lands of the pricing department. 6 months later, after our hero analyzed all the numbers and created all the tools, he gave his farewell to the citizens of Bpost and left for another life threatening mission

This time he was asked to replace another of ORMIT’s heroes in the giant castle of BNP Paribas Fortis. During the following 7 months our hero needed to defeat all the monsters and dragons in BCO/BCR land to make sure that all its inhabitants received new telephones. It was a difficult mission, but all ended well in the end.

Then our hero’s master asked him to complete a most important mission at the ORMIT castle. Because not all of ORMIT’s heroes were able to perform exiting and world changing missions, a reorganization of the VIP was needed. Without any hesitation the little ORMIT’er together with another hero took on the mission and completed it with great success.

After more than 1.5 years of working for his master, our hero faced his most difficult challenge yet. Somewhere over the language border, hidden deep in the treacherous hills of Wallonia was the land of Magotteaux. This was one of the last remainders in the Walloon industry, where they made all kinds of strange and exotic products, such as boulets de broyage, tube mills, cyclone tube dippers… The Queen of Magotteaux asked our hero if he could not help her knights by giving them a new weapon that would give them extra power during their battles. The weapon had the appropriate name, SalesForce.

This was the first time that our hero hesitated, he was not sure if he could help the Queen with her problem. Also this land was more dangerous than any of the other countries he already conquered. There were no nice and clean offices, but only factories. There were no other people or buildings in the neighborhood, only hills. On top of that there were practically no female citizens to be seen, only men wearing strange suits of flame resistant armor and they all spoke a strange language.

Nonetheless our hero took on this challenge. He learned everything there was to know about the exotic products, the strange craft IT and of course the foreign tongue called French. He rapidly started to like the land of Magotteaux and its citizens and again he completed the mission with success.

You might think that all this sounds a bit unbelievable and you would be right, were it not that our hero frequently received help from his master. Each mission was carefully selected for the ORMIT’er. Every month our hero had the opportunity to train his fighting skills at the ORMIT castle. And if necessary he could unleash his secret weapon, a weapon that he used during every mission, a weapon that proved to be more and more valuable. This weapon was provided by his master and was called a TDM. This was a kind of magic fairy that helped our hero during difficult times with her magic powers, she called coachings. These coachings gave our hero the necessary skills to complete each mission successfully.

Now our hero’s time at ORMIT is up and who knows on what exiting adventures he will embark next.

Kristof van den Breeden

Talents @ Interim at ORMIT

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