The Start of a unique ORMIT experience!

When I graduated in September 2010, I decided to take some time off. In August I had the chance to sign my ORMIT contract so until January it would be a unique time in my life without any responsibilities or obligations towards anyone. I enjoyed my temporary liberty for a while by re-contacting lots of friends, graduating from my CEMS degree, travelling to South India and undergoing a teeth operation.

On the 10th of January, I presented myself into the ORMIT offices in Brussels not really knowing what to expect from that day. First of all, I came with my own car and thus had to call around to find someone to bring that one back home as our dear Anita had already prepared my ORMIT car. Secondly, I came totally dressed up, realizing later on that the dress code in the VIP allowed some liberties. Thirdly, I was impressed by the welcome organization. Nele had prepared a nice little package explaining me everything; Anita, had foreseen not only the car, but also the administrative details that I needed to know to start my career at ORMIT and Fabrice had already a proposition for an assignment ready in his back bag. All in all, “je tire mon chapeau”.

The weeks following I was in the VIP with two “old” ORMIT’ers, namely Cis and Youssef. The first one introduced me to the little “good-to-know details” at ORMIT and the second one to the more practical stuff. Cis got a project 10 days after my arrival, which left only Youssef and me “lost in transition”. It turned out that my cooperation with Youssef evolved constantly and became more and more interesting. We were put on different projects: developing social media at ORMIT, updating university contacts, being present on Job fairs around the Kingdom, updating databases for the In Company Program and calling potential candidates to help Mathias in his work. However, if I had to keep one take-away from this month passed at ORMIT with Youssef, it would be acquiring the ORMIT mindset and way of working or better said: way of being. There is indeed a unique atmosphere in the company that is difficult to describe, but which pushes everyone to look beyond himself and turn himself towards to the others.

After being proposed for a mission at BNP and Distrigas, Fabrice came back from his paternity leave and proposed me a project at GSK Bio which turned out to the be the good one to start with: a multinational company, different people and characters to deal with and interesting challenges. As an anecdote I have already, after two weeks of job, experienced the strength of the Belgian syndicates: last Friday, the zoning in Wavre was closed due to “unhappy employees” which resulted in being my first Home-Working day.

To conclude: “Tell me and I Forget. Teach me and I Remember. Involve me and I Learn”

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