Thrown into the lions’ den

Monday March 4th 2013: my first day at ORMIT. I barely get the chance to get to know the other ORMIT’ers or to understand how it all works when I have the opportunity to have my first intake on Thursday 7th at BNP Paribas Fortis.

Before I even realize it I get thrown on a great job in a fast-changing new environment in the Change Management Department of BNP Paribas Fortis on Wednesday March 14th.

How orderly, structured and well-prepared I thought a working environment should be; my ideas of it all got blown away. I was the 3rd (after my manager and a colleague) arriving in a new team with new projects that were already ongoing and a still unclear governance that was yet to be defined. First job: running the day to day business and literally running to meet the most urgent deadlines. There were so many things to do and the deadlines were so close it sometimes felt scary but it was just the perfect way to learn on the job.

Wanting to prove myself from the start, I immediately proposed to handle the first thing I noticed my colleagues felt uncomfortable about: arranging a video conference call for the BNPPF Retail & Private Banking CEO to its top executives all over the country. This meant organizing and handling over 30 connections to over 400 people over 2 different simultaneous lines, because it of course had to be in 2 languages. To put it short: it was a more then 65-hour week, even working on Saturday to be able to finish on time. And it all worked out just fine. What I appreciated most about this is that I immediately felt I could make a difference and that I could have an impact with the things I did. And most importantly: all the people around me were also people like me, people who wanted to make a difference.

This was the kind of job I could expect during the following months: lots of deadlines from projects who were intertwined and which were at times even advanced, and lots of energizing last-minute rushes to meet those deadlines on time together with my colleagues. And all that in an ever-changing environment, dealing with the other departments inside the company; which you could consider as little distinct companies from this huge multinational BNPPF is.

It was also a time in which I could apply all that I learned during trainings and all the tips & tricks I received during coaching’s with my Talent Development Manager whenever I got stuck somewhere. And of course it was also perfect for making lots of professional contacts, both inside BNPPF as inside ORMIT itself. PMO in Change Management they simply called it. Actually seen I was learning to do all kinds of different tasks and seen I was involved into so many different projects it was the perfect hands on experience taking me to a next step in my career.

Laurent Chenu

Management Trainee at ORMIT
Projects @ ORMIT:
- PMO Change Management at BNP Paribas Fortis
- Business Process Management Officer at GDF Suez Electrabel

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