Why did I apply to the ORMIT ING In-Company Programme (ICP)?

After about 2,5 years with my former employer, I felt that I was starting to slow down in terms of my development. I wanted to learn more, and faster, than what was possible within my job. So I started searching online and found the ORMIT-ING ICP. The set-up and the focus on personal development really appealed to me. One reason in particular was that many of the trainings were focused on leadership, which was an area I really wanted to work on since I was more introverted than I wanted to be. I was also excited by the idea of working with other young professionals with high potential and to have a Talent Development Manager (TDM).

The ICP trainings were a good mix of theory, practical examples and open discussions. While not everything was new, they gave me the insights and a solid foundation in order to apply the learning straight away in my working role. And one thing was true throughout all of trainings: the more you participated, the more you got out of them.

The ICP group proved to be a great network both within and outside of ORMIT and ING. We met often, and still do, to discuss on-going projects, problems, perform “dry runs” of presentations and trainings, but also just to chat and have some fun. Since I am Swedish, I also had the ICP group over for dinner to try some of my legendary Swedish meatballs! ORMIT organises regular get-togethers, events and interesting workshops for the ICP group as well.

My TDM helped me a great deal in my development, thanks to the open and honest sessions we had. It was tough sometimes to hear “the truth” about myself, but it was necessary in order to identify what to work on and how. It really helped me to get to know myself better.

Thanks to the ORMIT-ING ICP, I am now more confident and I have significantly improved my leadership and communication skills. After the end of the programme, I joined ING as a project manager in the Product & Operations division. ING is a very interesting place to work right now. The bank is going through a huge corporate culture change and has set up challenging targets for the coming years, so there are many exciting projects under way, especially on the IT side.

So, if you are interested in IT, personal development, leadership and are looking for a challenge, the ITS LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is definitely something for you!

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Alumni at ORMIT

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