With engaged co-workers, change becomes an opportunity

These days, companies have to be able to anticipate changes as soon as possible. In the market, in the area of technology, politics and social area. This asks some effort from people working in an organisation.

It needs a fixed pool of committed colleagues. It asks for flexible input on projects. It asks for co-workers that – as participants of ORMIT name it – have a high “snap speed”. But it mainly asks for engagement: driven and enthusiastic people who like their work and find it important. They have the will and power to change and stay ahead. With engaged co-workers, change becomes an opportunity.

Successful change

Engagement is an important factor to treat change in a successful way. Engaged people like to work in an engaged organisation. Where people collaborate in an inspirational way with the same ambitions and values. But you don’t create such an organisation just by attracting a few engaged people. It also requires something from the management of the company, the leadership.

Engaged leaders

We see a new question popping up from our participants. They want to be able to respond to all the changes in the market, the technology and the society. Their organisation needs the people and leaders that can realise that change. That’s why organisations want to improve their engagement. Because, as being said, engaged people like to work at an engaged organisation. Working with pleasure and happiness at work are important criteria for the selection of an employer. Therefore, engagement is a decisive factor to connect people to your organisation.

We develop the talents of ORMIT’ers. They are engaged, and they know how to pass this engagement to the people they cooperate with. We also develop the talents of the leaders at organisations and we advise how you can become an engaged organisation and connect talent to your company.

Engaged co-workers

In short, if you stimulate engagement within the organisation, you get and keep engaged people on board. And then change suddenly becomes an opportunity!

We wrote a whitepaper about enlarging the engagement of the co-workers within the organisation with 6 steps to more inspired co-workers. Click here to read it.

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